Size Guides

Glove Sizing

Standards of The Association of Testing Materials stipulate the dimensions to which each size of latex, vinyl, and nitrile disposable glove should manufactured.

Determining Your Size

To find your appropriate glove size, measure the width of your hand from the base between and index finder and the thumb.

Small | Medium | Large | X-Large | Tolerance

Latex: S=80mm M=95mm L=111mm XL=N/A | Tolarance = ± 10mm

Vinyl: S=85mm M=95mm L=105mm XL=115mm | Tolarance = ± 5mm

Nitrile: S=80mm M=95mm L=110mm XL=120mm | Tolarance = ± 10mm

Note: These ASTM standards only apply to medical grade product. Although many manufacturers strive to maintain these dimensions even with nonmedical gloves, some variance may exist.